Art Direction

These articles showcases not only my art direction and photo styling ability but also represents my passion for collaboration and storytelling. I art directed six photo shoots for my magazine, collaborating with three photographers and four models in total. Here's some samples of my mood boards, process, and spreads.

Meet Process

Since Obsidian is a celebration of the resilience and beauty of black women, I wanted the main article to be about women who encapsulated the theme of the magazine. I reached out to a few women and created the article "Meet". The sole purpose for this particular article was to highlight black women who live in the Northwest and who evoke an air of confidence and unique individual style that could be a source of inspiration for others. It also demonstrates a strong sense of community awareness and would be a recurring article that would introduce new women in every issue.

I started off my process with a coffee meet-up with the women featured in the article. Then I interviewed each one about their passions and inspirations. The next step was to bring their story to life. Based off their interview and their style I created a mood-board and contacted three different photographers that would capture the vibe I was trying to create. I wanted to give the readers a sense of who the women were by providing a glimpse into their day-to-day lives.



Row: Art Director

Photographer: Ana Raab

Model: Elisa

Location: Capitial Hill


Elisa's Photoshoot





Row: Art Director

Photographer: Joy Strange

Model: Arica

Location: Pine Near Square


Arica's Photoshoot





Row: Art Director

Photographer: Trevor Crump

Model: Alana 

Location: Capitial Hill


Alana's Photoshoot



Fall Fashion Process

I collaborated with photographer Joy Strange to create a fashion spread that displays a classic, comfortable, edgy, and timeless style that shines even in Seattleā€™s gloomy and wet weather. The highly polished minimalist approach with each outfit and pose puts more emphasis on the beautiful structure/landscape of the Freeway Park. A bold San Serif is used throughout this spread and is displayed in a beautifully dramatic way that mimics its surroundings. All of the quotes are from my favorite design podcast, 99% Invisible, and the episode  "Hard to Love a Brute." 



Row: Art Director

Photographer: Joy Strange

Model: Janell Langford

Location: Freeway Park


Fall Fashion's Photoshoot