Ezell's Famous Chicken 

This project showcases my ability to work in a team. I collaborated with classmate Sam To and together we redesigned and rebranded Ezell’s Famous Chicken. Starting with the brand aspects we then tackled the deliverables, some of which include a logo, tagline, and mock-ups of packaging and digital ads.

 Art Direction, 
Production, Research

Collaboration with designer
Sam To



Brand Promise

At Ezell’s we are trusted, authentic, and welcoming, making home-style southern food to feed every soul since 1984. We strive to make every customer’s experience as unique and special as the food we serve.


Brand Position

For discerning families looking for affordable and convenient comfort food, Ezell’s is the only restaurant that cooks up authentic home-style fried chicken that’s served with a side of southern hospitality. That’s why we still use our original Louisiana spice blend and take pride in making our guests feel at home.