Obsidian City

During the fall quarter I dedicated most of my time and attention to my magazine project. When I was first assigned the project my goal was to provide all of the content for it. I knew it would be something I would be more proud of that way, so with the help of three talented photographers, I was able to curate original spreads. I didn't want the imagery in the magazine to just be photography, so I incorporated some of my illustrations.

I illustrated an "editors pick" spread titled "Out on the Town" that informs readers about things to do in Seattle. It's something that could reappear in every issue. I took the illustrations I did for that particular spread and expanded it to create Obsidian City. It's a brand extension that's a celebration of the resilience and beauty of black women. And for Obsidian City I created new characters, as well as new platforms to display them. This exhibits my ability to synergize beyond conventional tactics.

Branding, Visual Design, Illustration

Solo Project